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Cygclasses serve as cygport's standard library, allowing cygport to support so many different types of packaging scenarios. They may accept variables to control their behaviour, provide definitions and/or functions for use in .cygport files, and some can completely control the build process without further intervention.

Cygclasses are imported via the inherit command at the top of your .cygport file. Because of the predominance of GNU autotools, the autotools.cygclass is automatically imported (as explained there).

These Cygclasses allow downloading from various servers and repositories:

These Cygclasses handle various buildsystems:

These Cygclasses deal with certain types of dependencies:

These Cygclasses are used for packaging desktop software components:

These Cygclasses are used for packaging specific groups of software:

These Cygclasses are used for building extension modules for various subsystems:

These Cygclasses deal with compiler and cross-compiler toolchains:

These Cygclasses provide install commands for certain types of data:

These Cygclasses provide utility functions: